5 Minute Mogul Honest Review

5 Minute Mogul Is The Real Deal.

There’s a real science when it comes to making money online.

5 minute mogul5 Minute Mogul teaches you from the ground up in a board game like style of how to build a successful business, giving you the ability of creating multiple income streams and teaching you how to build your own systems that make you money passively.

From the very beginning as soon as you join 5 Minute Mogul, you are immediately offered a $1.00 trial deal to become an Apprentice member. As an upgraded member at either Apprentice, Industrialist or Tycoon Partnership, you are able to add up to a total of 37 income streams (of your own choice) not including the one that comes standard with the system, Pureleverage.

Pureleverage allows you to earn 100% residual commissions and when you are marketing your 5 Minute Mogul affiliate link, you will notice that your referrals will begin to join both of these programs as they are part of the core system itself.

I’ve done my research on this, there are VERY few programs that allow you to add up to 37 of your own programs that you want your referrals to join you under. That means if you wanted to, you could add ANY programs you want, that which would include any type of affiliate-based product or service that pays you one-time or residual commissions.

Best of all, you are able to change these programs at anytime you want. So you are not forced to continuously promote the same programs in 5 Minute Mogul that you setup.

What Do The Upgrades Mean In 5 Minute Mogul?

Not only are you able to build up 37 streams of income in 5 Minute Mogul, but you are also able to earn income in a few different ways inside the system itself.

For starters, the entire system is built on a one line, infinity downline dynamic compression system.

Here’s an example of how it works. Take me for example, I’m upgraded to the Tycoon Partnership level. (highest available) That means that I do not pass up any sales in the system in order to become qualified, I already am qualified to receive all commissions in the system that take place throughout my infinity downline.

So, if someone 3 levels down from me purchases a Tycoon Partnership level and the referrer was not upgraded to the Tycoon Partnership level, that commission instantly gets passed up to the person that IS upgraded to that level.

I would then either receive a $500 or $1000 commission and what happens next is a strategic email then gets sent out to every member (including the person that referred the new Tycoon Partnership member) and lets everyone in the upline know that a Tycoon Partnership sale has taken place and that they passed up a $500 or $1,000 sale to someone in their upline.

5 Minute Mogul literally creates a sense of fear of losing a commission like this, and very likely could cause a chain reaction which would put additional sales in my pocket without any effort on my part whatsoever!

Sound pretty cool, right? It is :)

There are 3 upgraded membership types, Apprentice, Industrialist and Tycoon Partnership.

Apprentice and Industrialist memberships only earn a 50% residual income, but Tycoon Partnership members earn a whopping 90% residual income for every sale in your downline that is not qualified to receive that commission.

5 minute mogulIn case you don’t know, I am a very transparent kind of guy and to also back up what I say. I just joined 5 Minute Mogul in June of 2013, as you can see out of 88 referrals (4 of them were me testing my autoresponder system) 7 paid signups have taken place. These are currently Apprentice membership upgrades and as you can see this is a whopping 8% conversion rate!

I’m very pleased with my results as of so far, but I also must add on one very important thing.


5 Minute Mogul Is A Completely FREE “Done-For-You” System.

Kimball Roundy the guy behind 5 Minute Mogul has not only built this completely “done-for-you” marketing system absolutely free, but he has made the system so that even if you never want to upgrade, you can become qualified to earn commissions on each of the levels.

But, keep in mind, it really comes down to the question of whether or not you want to pass up 1 of those sales to your sponsor (or whomever is the next upgraded member in that level) or receive those sales on your own by actually taking action and upgrading your account so you don’t pass up those sales.

Not only are you able to build all of these income streams in 5 Minute Mogul, but you also have the ability of attaching your GVO account to build your list too.

What are you waiting for? Click the link below and get started right now. If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


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29 Comments to “5 Minute Mogul Honest Review”

  1. Mike Brooke says:

    I am trying to work my way through 5MM. I am not a complete newbie and made money on Kimball’s Spider Web in 2008, But I am broke and am trying to do this on the cheap.

    I find 5MM somewhat convoluted n and I don’t think Kimball is a very clear thinker. He makes things more difficult than need be, I think.

    OK so I have to get PL for $25.00( I hope they don’t0 IMMEDIATELY ASK ME TO UPGRADE.

    Then I will use the $1 for the first month,

    IN SHORT I will have no more than $65 to start with is that possible. I have m only 2000 leads I can lean on

    do give me some good advice art indunamike@gmail.com andn I will give you a mentor fee when I have made some money

    • Jaye Pause says:


      What you are saying is completely understandable, but I can tell you this.

      Kimball Roundy is a very clear thinker and knows exactly how to build systems and sales funnels that convert extremely well.

      They are constantly testing the capture pages to ensure that they receive the best possible conversions throughout the entire sales funnel process.

      If you want to learn how to make money online, I would definitely recommend that you go through the game boards inside your 5 Minute Mogul account.

      Did you sign up under me or are you under another affiliate?

      PureLeverage is $24.95/month to use the product services. Then you need to pay $19.95/month to receive the 100% commissions for your referrals that purchase the $24.95/month package.

      There are higher levels, such as the $97/month level which will entitle you to receiving both payments at 100% commission. So if you are not upgraded to the $97/monthly product and one of your referrals upgrades to that package, you will automatically pass up that commission to your sponsor provided they are upgraded to that level as well.

      If you are going to start this, you are going to need to work hard. Nothing comes easy and you will need to market your business as often as you possibly can.

      Especially if you only have $65 to get started you will need to be spending a great deal of time finding traffic sources and marketing your 5MM capture page anywhere you possibly can.

      A good place to start is by utilizing shared lists if you do not have your own. Safelists and Traffic Exchanges are good sources to begin with and there are many available which will allow you to become a free member and send your offers to their list of shared members.

      Myself and my two partners created a very powerful system called State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, you are welcome to join it here if you’d like: http://sotasapproved.com/go/SOTAM.

      That will get you started and you can use to remain a free member or upgrade at anytime. With SOTAM you can mail up to 3,000 random members once every 5 days completely free, as long as you build up your spendable credits to escalate to higher button levels.

      I do not need a mentor fee for this as I believe in paying it forward and if this information helps you to get started and allows you to become successful then I’m happy to offer that to you.

      Good luck, Mike!

      • Mike Brooke says:

        I appreciate your reply and generous offer. I may well taken you up on this once I sort my way though some of this.

        If 5MM has the autoresponder system , Do we need Pure Leverage? and if so for what.? Not too keen on the Owners “show off” attitude. Kimball does not show off his big house and dozen cars. I hate it: it is so crass. Anyhow I guess I have to get over that.

        I like Kimball as a person. He seems honest. I worked with him on his Spider Web System which I enjoyed and made some money

        Let me get back to you and thanks for your response

        • Jaye Pause says:


          You’re most welcome. :)

          5 Minute Mogul doesn’t have an autoresponder system built into it, that’s what Pure Leverage is for.

          Pure Leverage is integrated into the capture pages so as soon as someone signs up to your capture page for an account with 5 Minute Mogul, they are automatically setup through your autoresponder.

          This is provided you’ve setup your Campaign Code and Form ID correctly, which requires that you create campaigns and forms inside your autoresponder in Pure Leverage.

          If you are a member of 5 Minute Mogul, go here: http://5minutemogul.com/members/webinar

          You must be logged into your account to access this. This webinar was from January 16th and will really open your eyes about 5 Minute Mogul and the incredible potential that you have with it.

          Let me know if you have any more questions, Mike. Good luck.

          • mikeBrooke says:

            Thanks again. You are encouraging: but I do have a serious problem. Not so much money as Credit Card. I don’t have one and probably can’t get one…yet. My wife has one, but once she was cheated online when paying by VISA and will never use it on line again. . She is not Internet savvy, and is now distrustful..and i understand and its not worth a big fight over this…

            PayPal is OK and I am pleased to see you use it.
            Kimball says I can use PayPal if I pay the yearly shot. For me $197.00 for. Apprentice Level. Now I have to try and work on PureL and see if they will accept PP. If not I am stymied..

            Here is a really cheeky request. If I sent the $24.95 to you by PayPal together with the $9.00 for your leads. would you pay my credit card cost to PL if they won’t take PayPal.

            i am working on getting a CC but i have a poor credit rating as I didn’t pay two small bills under $10.

            I am a determined old bugger and am going to work this somehow

            Thanks Again


          • Jaye Pause says:

            Hello Mike,

            This is actually a very simple fix for you, Mike.

            Open yourself up a personal or business checking account, then setup a Visa or Mastercard debit card that your bank will issue you.

            All you have to do is just make sure that you have enough money to cover your expenses for each of your memberships and you should be fine.

            There is no credit check required for this and your bank will usually only require a small deposit to get your new account setup.

            Pure Leverage will not accept Paypal payments for the simple fact that you are paid on more than one tier.

            Be very careful being paid out via Paypal on money-making websites, you can easily have your Paypal account frozen and you won’t be able to collect your funds.

            Did you join 5 Minute Mogul under me or were you already a member?

            It’s great that you are determined, that’s what you need in order for you to be focused and driven, now all you need is the tools to get you moving. :)

  2. Mike Brooke says:

    Thanks so much for that advice. In my search for a .C. last night I did find that approach offered. However, I applied for a Credit Card for people with poor credit
    and they let me in. I suspect there are restrictions like a low max $1000 and no credit advance.. But we will see. I may still go your route too.

    Yes I have registered under Kimball but as I have not put any money yet I have made no headway.

    Frankly I would rather be with you. You have helped me a lot and if there is any benefit in having me your line I will gladly switch with no guilty feeling. Lets face it KR is having 1000s registering under him and is making a bundle so if it is all the same with you I will reregister under you and hope I can be some financial benefit to you..

    I continue to have a serious negative get feeling about PL and so last night my with and I checked the reviews (which I will reference) and this person who seemed to know what he was taking about also had serious concerns. He felt there were many egregious error in the system and the financial aspects were not above suspicion.

    I am going to broadcast this review where I can and ask people to write to KR if they agree with this critic. He said PL was one of the first of its kind, but since then they have not upgraded and other newer system are way ahead.

    Do we have to use PL or can we use another system. Or is it too integrated to go else where.

    That is all for now, and thanks


    • Jaye Pause says:


      You’re most welcome. Just be careful when it comes to those types of credit cards. They usually have a very high APR %, especially if you become late on your bill.

      If you feel that I may be of more assistance to you, you are most welcome to join under my team, however you will not be able to use the same email address that you are already registered under in 5 Minute Mogul.

      Click here to join under me: http://jayepause.com/go/3StepsToSuccess.

      I’m not sure what you are referring to as regards to Pureleverage having serious problems, but what I can tell you is that you can join GVO under their HostThenProfit program and setup your autoresponder system for under $10/month.

      You will not however receive 100% commissions from your Pureleverage signups because you won’t be upgraded to those levels, but they will be in your downline and you will receive $.49 per downline member per month they are upgraded.

      I hope that helps you, they should have a $1 7 day trial on that as well.

      You can use your HostThenProfit account to build your list which will allow you to start with a list of 1,000 and you can always upgrade from there.

      But remember, you won’t receive the 100% commission from Pureleverage until you do upgrade to that level.

      If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to contact me and I welcome you with me too. :)

  3. Mike Brooke says:

    You are such a BIG help.

    I don’t care about PL 100% commission as it a farce anyway according to that article (did you read it. Here is the URL
    and I will use HostthenProfit instead

    I will also switch over to you. I promise I won’t bother you too much


  4. Mike Brooke says:

    It seems as though GVO/HostThanProfit are one and the same thing and integrated with PL and Joel effectively owns them all. Not that that is bad, it may be that HTP is simply better run. Anyhow I read somewhere that GVO are in the process of amalgamating any way.


    • Jaye Pause says:


      Yes, that is correct. HostThenProfit/MeetCheap/Pureleverage all work off of the same username.

      They are all integrated into the main GVO system.

      HostThenProfit/MeetCheap are smaller, more cost-effective versions of GVO. Both allow you to earn residual commissions with a great compensation plan.

      The difference between those and Pureleverage is simply that Pureleverage allows you to earn 100% commissions on all product levels that you’ve purchased.

      If you have any questions, Mike don’t hesitate in contacting me. You can always contact me via Facebook or Skype if you need to:

      Facebook: http://facebook.com/JayePause
      Skype: jaye.pause.thesecretpayscrusade

  5. Mike Brooke says:

    I am being snowed under with e-mails telling me to buy any number of programs. I will ignore them for now as I have to get my head around what I have.

    I won’t be able to take any action until the end of the month due to the $ situation

    Besides the following what else is essential to get noticed. I guess it takes about 3000 leads to get a buy in?:

    Apprentice Level $37 pm
    Pure Leverage (or Another ) $25pm
    Your program $10 pm

    When I go through the game board, I come to Pure Leverage. How do I by pass it to get to \ the alternative Host Then Profit?

    I have put you on Skype. I won’t use it much would like to “meet” you. When is a good time?


  6. Barbara Henson says:

    My husband and I are thinking about joining 5 Minute Mogul, but wonder if we get the top level upgrade ($97.00 monthly – right) will we also have other monthly fees for the other programs like Pure Leverage, etc.

    • Jaye Pause says:

      Hello Barbara,

      There is not requirement to join Pureleverage. However if you want the 100% commissions and be able to build your list through the capture page systems that 5 Minute Mogul offers, then you definitely want to. The cost to join Pureleverage is $24.95/month for the products you receive and the cost to be a reseller is $19.95/month, which allows you to earn 100% commissions.

      If you are not ready to jump into Pureleverage, a good way to get to build your list is to become a member of HostThenProfit. HTP is part of Pureleverage/GVO and for the cost of $9.99/month you’ll receive an autoresponder with 1,000 contacts and a host of other tools. But, most importantly you will be able to use your HTP account to build your list, but you won’t receive the 100% commissions through Pureleverage until you upgrade.

      There will be other programs once they are out of Beta stage and you are also going to be able to add up 37 of your own programs as well. 5 Minute Mogul will literally build all of your businesses in with one system and they’ve fine-tuned their entire system to produce the best possible conversions in their sales funnel.

      Do let me know once you are ready to join, just go here to get started: http://jayepause.com/go/3StepsToSuccess.

  7. CJ says:

    Hi Jaye

    I am amember of 5mm and of SOTAM. I went to the second step of setting up an autoresponder and do not see any way to add one, other than joining PL. If everything is geared towards PL whats the point of adding any other program? Im going to have to go through this again because I just dont fully understand it yet.

    • Jaye Pause says:

      Hello CJ,

      There are a couple of ways you can setup an autoresponder for 5 Minute Mogul and start building your list.

      The first is joining Pureleverage through your sponsor in the 5 Minute Mogul System under the “Account” tab and then you will go into the autoresponder section to create a new campaign.

      Once you’ve created a new campaign, you will create a form for your new campaign and then you will be able to view the HTML version of your autoresponder code.

      You can then grab the Campaign Code and Form ID and place them in the area where it says to in 5MM, right under your username for Pureleverage.

      Another way to get around this is if you are trying to do this on the cheap and can’t pay for Pureleverage at this time, you can purchase GVO’s HostThenProfit system, which will enable you to get started for $1 and then 7 days later you will be billed at $9.99/month.

      This provides you with a host of tools built into HostThenProfit and you will be able to create a campaign and setup your autoresponder as if you were in Pureleverage.

      Because GVO’s HostThenProfit and Pureleverage are integrated together, you will be able to use your HostThenProfit username in the area where you would enter your Pureleverage username.

      You will signup referrals into your downline in HostThenProfit but you will not receive the Pureleverage 100% commissions if you are not upgraded to that level.

      Which will mean you will receive $.49 per signup per month so long as they remain a member and your Pureleverage commissions will be passed up to your sponsor or whoever is upgraded in your upline.

      Once you’ve integrated either Pureleverage or HostThenProfit into the 5MM system, whenever you refer someone into your 5 Minute Mogul capture page, they will automatically be placed onto your list campaign that you have just created.

      You can also setup a separate squeeze page outside of 5 Minute Mogul and then direct them to signup with 5 Minute Mogul. In this case, you would just enter your Pureleverage or HostThenProfit username and leave the Campaign Code and Form ID blank so that you are not adding them to the same campaign twice.

  8. Deepak Kumar says:

    Hi, I signed up in 5MM and I was asked to pay $25/month for Pure Leverage. Should we must pay this to proceed further? Please reply

    • Jaye Pause says:

      Hello Deepak,

      It is recommended that in order for you to start capturing the leads that you receive when you market your capture pages, yes.

      The $25/month is just to become a product owner, which includes your own autoresponder system and a host of other products.

      If you want to earn 100% commissions from when your referrals in the 5 Minute Mogul system decide to join Pureleverage under your link, you must pat $19.95/month for your reseller account.

      There’s also a VIP Product upgrade at $97/month as well.

      If you are marketing your 5MM capture page and your referrals upgrade into Pureleverage you will earn 100% commissions in both areas if you are upgraded to them.

      If you are not upgraded to the VIP membership, your upline sponsor will receive the commission until you decide to upgrade into it.

      Let me know if you have anymore questions. Did you join under me or someone else?

  9. Deepak Kumar says:

    Hi Jaye Pause, thanks for your information. I have just a small doubt. Space number 2 seems to be easy for me. Can I do space 2 without completing(or even starting) space number 1? Please reply

  10. Justin Grabko says:

    I am looking to upgrade to space 3 automatically because I understand the traffic and the value of getting this automated. Would I get all what is in steps 1 and 2 when I upgrade?
    If 5mm has a high converting funnel with the capture pages and the campaigns, I do have a list of thousands of people anyways that I send affiliate offers to.

    • Jaye Pause says:


      The great thing about the 5MM system is there is no upgrading required. All you do is just pass up your first sale of each upgrade type, whether it is Apprentice, Industrialist or Tycoon Partnership and you will become qualified automatically to receive those commissions from your direct referrals thereafter.

      5MM does have a high converting funnel, one of the highest in the industry, in fact. If you purchase the done-for-you traffic which is what I believe you are referring to, you do not become upgraded in the system.

      The done-for-you traffic is proven, high converting traffic that is bought through Kimball’s various traffic sources as a whole and then distributed based on what level of traffic you’ve purchased.

      This does not upgrade your account, it is just to send traffic to your 5MM capture page, which if you have joined Pureleverage, you will be able to build your list if you’ve setup your 5MM system for it in the “Account” area of 5MM.

      If you have more questions, don’t hesitate in contacting me and I would definitely upgrade to whatever level you are able to afford, because once you start referring people to 5MM, you may find out very quickly that you will have people that you refer upgrading in the system.

      If you aren’t upgraded to the levels that they upgrade to, you automatically pass that sale up to your sponsor, but then afterwards you will be qualified to receiving those commissions that come in later on.

      You aren’t just getting the ability to earn more income by upgrading, the training that you are receiving as an Apprentice or Industrialist is literally the same exact steps that Kimball took to start generating 6 figures online. It’s his exact blueprint and if you follow it as best as possible, you will learn just how easy it is to start profiting from the 5MM system.

  11. Rasta says:

    Hey Jaye, I was wondering if I will have any other expenses if I join the Tycoon mem. I have exactly $1000…Another question, when I become a tycoon member do I still have to buy the done for you traffic at space 3? Is it an option? Would I be given traffic if I join up as a Tycoon mem.?

    • Jaye Pause says:

      Hello Rasta,

      Once you purchase your Tycoon Partnership upgrade at $997.00, there is no additional expense for the upgrade. The Tycoon Partnership level allows you to resell all of the below upgrades and entitles you to all pass up commissions if your downlines or your downlines downlines aren’t upgraded to a level in one of your infinity downlines.

      Yes, you have to still purchase the done-for-you traffic at space 3 as this is a separate service. Kimball purchases bulk high-quality advertising that has been proven to convert and depending on how much you spend, you receive a certain amount of traffic when their bids go out.

      If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate in contacting me. There are many ways to market your 5 Minute Mogul business for free or very low cost.

  12. Matt says:

    Hi Jaye. I am looking to join the 5mm program. I just have a question how do I get paid my commission? I mean they do payout via Cheque or cheque?


    • Jaye Pause says:

      Hello Matt,

      Yes, you get paid your commissions via check 3 weeks after the date of transaction. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate in contacting me. :)

  13. Hallmay says:


    I did it. I run into that shitty scum hole named “5minutemogul” and promoter, tipcal horny guy (Kimball Roundy) who claims he will rescue your misery like a John Wayne rescue Indians. I paid 1?$ to enter. Shure, I knew I will be robbed on next step.
    And to enter the misery you pay next 24$ for a mass pollution of worthless emails. (there is a another scum of email polluter – who considers like “you will win a battle to score more stupidnes”) Video doesn t help you. In fact all site does NOT help you all.
    A lot of people wonder why it’s free to get into and that’s a great question. And the answer is: “It is a teaser to sell the upgraded membership levels…”
    DONT BUY CHEAP “Layers”
    Score 1 of 10!

    • Jaye Pause says:

      You are the perfect example why 97% of people fail online and only 3% really do succeed.

      Systems don’t fail. People do.

      5 Minute Mogul is a proven system that does enable you to make money if you put the effort in to actually make things happen.

      I can tell exactly the type of person you are based on your comment you’ve posted.

      You are completely reactive, you have no patience and you absolutely do not believe in yourself that you have the ability to make money from home.

      The people that complain they can’t make money are the people that are destined to always fail in life.

      The 5 Minute Mogul System is a real business that does in fact allow you to build a successful business even as a FREE member.

      Kimball specifically states for you to work the system based on what you are able to do and gives you a board game style interface on exactly how to make it work for you without having to upgrade your account.

      If you are able to spend money, by all means do so, but if you are going to complain about spending $1 and then seeing an upsell for $24 you are in the wrong business.

      Does that mean you have to take the $24 upgrade? No, you do not.

      Just move along and continue with the level you purchased and then move up higher as your income begins to grow.

      If you purchased the upgrade and then did nothing with it but searched the internet to find places about 5 Minute Mogul and then post negative comments about the opportunity, you will never succeed in any kind of business.

      You could have easily qualified into the different levels just by simply referring members that do want to take action and make money online.

      As a free member all you would have to do is refer 1 person that takes the upgrade and that qualifies you to receive those commission for that level automatically.

      You see, it is not the system that has failed you, it is you that has failed you and you should really think about what I’m saying to you.

      Take this as constructive criticism from a person that has been in this industry successfully for 14 years now.

      You can make money online, you just have to want it and you have to work hard to achieve it.

      Unless it was handed to you on a silver platter, or you were born into money, you have to work at success.

      When trying to create success, you are going to fail, failure is something that is just part of the process in order for you to learn what not to do and become better.


      Jaye Pause

  14. Jessica says:

    This is a pure scam and a pyramid scheme that pockets your money selling a system that does nothing but spin other people’s money around and you get the pocket change, while the person on top gets the big $. So stop posting these BS links, get a real job. lol

    • Jaye Pause says:


      That’s exactly what a person with no success would say. You have absolutely no idea how to make money online and obviously if you were happy with your JOB, you wouldn’t be online looking for other things. Systems work, people don’t. It’s plain and simple and if you aren’t ready to put hard work and dedication into building a REAL business, you are in the wrong place.

      Everyone thinks building a business online is a push-button system and should come naturally. It’s not like that at all. You have to build a brand, a list, a product or service that you can offer and various other ways to make money online.

      Kimball teaches you all of that, especially with all of the Apprentice and Industrialist webinars with top Internet Marketers that have created 7 figure businesses.

      Like I said, if you are looking to make a quick buck online, you’re in the wrong place, you need to dedicate time and a lot of effort and even some money to get the ball rolling.

      You may fail a few times, but the more you fail, you are that much closer to succeeding.

      I have a real job. It’s called working from home and I make money in VARIOUS programs, including my own services.

      So, before you try and blast a program or a person that you really know nothing about, think before you speak.


      Jaye Pause

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